Payroll Solutions

There are many considerations when processing payments for a contingent worker. With our streamlined, efficient, compliant payroll solutions, you can experience reduced financial administration and peace of mind from:

  • Payment Frequency: Determining if they are paid weekly or on a different schedule.
  • Pension Enrolment: Finding out if they want to opt into a pension plan.
  • Employment Structure: Assessing whether they will use an LTD company or an Umbrella company for payment processing.
  • Integration Challenges: Combining contingent worker payroll with the permanent payroll system.
  • Business Protection: Ensuring compliance and protecting the business from potential risks.
  • Smooth Payroll Process: Striving to achieve a seamless and efficient payroll process for all workers.
You will need to:

Understand how & when your worker is paid

Ensure pay, including statutory contributions/holiday pay and other complex deductions is correct and the laws which govern the compliance of payments to workers are complied with

Keep accurate digital records of time worked

Manage expense reimbursements in a timely manner

Avoid non-compliant payment schemes and be aware of the risks with self-employed workers

Ensure frequent payroll runs or on-demand pay to maximise worker engagement & minimise worker dissatisfaction, as not paying on time could seriously damage your relationship & opens your business to risk.

Outsource your Payroll - Discover Our Supportive Solutions

As professionals within the scope of contract workers, we take pride in providing fully compliant and adaptable payroll services. Our expertise encompasses a range of areas, including:

  • Easy to use Timesheet and Expense Payment Management system
  • Compliant Umbrella Company relationships
  • IR35 Support and LTD Company Engagement
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Weekly payroll options – highly attractive 7 day payment to the contractors
  • Self-Service payroll portal

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