Our team of  experienced Recruiters are highly skilled in social-searching to find passive candidates online through a variety of means – we ensure that we have all the latest information and training available to be at the cutting-edge of recruitment.

We’re not just a recruitment business, we’re a people business.  We’re all about building relationships and getting to know you so we can find the job or person that’s really right. We don’t believe in following the ‘bombardment’ approach where agencies throw loads of people at a role and hope one sticks. Our team get to know everyone on both sides and then we only send people who truly fit.

Our combined years of experience across multiple industries mean that we can provide informed market intelligence to support people planning, business growth strategy, employer branding and salary benchmarking.

As Ambassadors of our Clients’ Employer Brand – this means representing them in the recruitment market as well as providing an efficient and professional process for candidates.

It can be frustrating speaking to a different individual each time you deal with a large agency. At Project Partners Recruitment we are proud of the culture we have created, where our recruitment team use their years of experience to make clients and candidates feel valued.

Contact our Recruitment Manager Reeta Vickers for more information

Phone: 07485 775765
Email: recruitment@projectpartners.uk.com